Bumpy Road

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Drivers beware. Head down Edson Road in New Milford, and you're in for a bumpy ride. This two-mile long road between I-39 and Lindenwood Road is shredding. The Rockford Township Roads Commissioner says that's because fire trucks responding to last week's fire exceeded the weight limit.

"It feels like you're just gonna sink down so what I do have to go off the side and go into the ditch my car would bottom out right there and it would probably drag the oil band with it," says resident James Goodman.

Roads Commissioner Pete Mackay says frost prevents any immediate repairs and patchwork would be useless. So until the weather improves, Mackay says neighbors will just have to deal.

"It makes you mad when you come home and you gotta go through something like this when there's no reason this road gets so bad anyways," Goodman says.

Edson Road is owned by both Winnebago and Ogle Counties. So to make the process move along more quickly, Mackay says Rockford Township will foot the bill, for the road should to be completely resurfaced within a few weeks.

Mackay says the New Milford Fire Protection District will not be held accountable for tearing up the road, since of course they were saving lives.