Enron Desks On eBay

HOUSTON (AP) -- The desks once used by former Enron executives Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling could wind up helping a good cause.

A nonprofit group wants to auction the desks to raise money for spaying and neutering cats and dogs.

A news release says the custom-designed desks would cost more than five-figures to replicate today.

Bidding on eBay starts at 25-thousand dollars each. The desks were donated to Saving Animals Across Borders by a group that bought Enron's Houston building.

The energy company was once the nation's seventh-largest firm. It collapsed in December 2001 when top executives were no longer able to hide billions of dollars in debt with accounting tricks.

Saving Animals says it decided to accept the desks because Enron and the Lay family had a history of supporting animal-welfare groups.

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