Milwaukee Explosion

MILWAUKEE (AP) -- An engineering firm that was testing a Milwaukee factory's backup propane fuel system when a deadly explosion occurred says in a court filing that it wasn't to blame for the blast. The explosion last December killed three workers and injured dozens of others.

J-M Brennan filed its response to a lawsuit by survivors of the three victims of the Falk Corporation explosion. The lawsuit claims Brennan employees allowed leaks to develop in an underground pipe that connected liquid propane tanks to boilers used to heat the factory.

Brennan says in its response that the underground pipe was installed properly in 1988. The company says a report in 1996 recommended annual maintenance and monitoring of the pipe but Falk never asked to test it or inspect it for corrosion.

Brennan argues that had Falk maintained the pipe correctly, the explosion would have been prevented.

But Falk spokesman Evan Zeppos says Falk totally disagrees with that idea. He says there's no evidence that an inspection would have prevented the accident.

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