Cyber Alert: Identity Theft and Photocopiers

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We all know to keep our credit cards private so we don't become victims of identity theft. But what we don't know is that we're actually exposing ourselves to the problem every day.

Photocopiers. We all use them, but they're the latest way for thieves to steal our information. Most copy machines made in the past five years have disk drives. These are similar to the hard drive on our computers. They save and store any information put into the machine. So, the same machine used to make copies of our tax returns can also retain that data. And if a person wants to get their hands on this information, there's nothing to stop them from doing so.

Copy machines in business offices are prime targets for identity theft. Hundreds of people scan important data in one machine, and a scammer can get away with it all.

Experts recommend we ask if the copy machine has security data installed before we scan any important documents.