Crisis Cuts

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It's a move that almost eliminates the districts deficit of $30 million.

Almost every area in the district will change. School board members Tuesday night. Board members say if they didn't cut $28 million someone else would. The fear of the state coming in and taking control is why board members unanimously passed this budget.

Tuesday night the board only saw what $17 million in cuts looks like. Interim Superintendent Dr. Ellen Bueschel will now devise a plan to eliminate $11 million, but already 271 staff members will be getting rift notices.

Rock River Elementary school will close, Sky View will close and Dennis will not be an elementary school it will be an early childhood school. There will only be six periods in the middle schools and no zero hours at the high school level. A highly controversial cut that many parents have been fighting for is the future of Haskell elementary. The school is currently a year round school but now will go back to the normal school year and there will be no in school suspension.

Board members say their hands are tied and that the district is in a crisis situation. They urge taxpayers to contact federal and state legislatures. With mandates like the No Child Left Behind Act, the district has accrued added costs. Also, the district’s been told to expect a 20 percent insurance increase.

One area saved is athletics. The board voted to take out any athletic cuts that were a part of this drastic and gloomy future.