Superintendent Search Underway

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With Don Schlomann leaving his throne as Superintendent of the Belvidere School District, School Board Members are getting quite the challenge. The search begins for finding Schlomann's replacement.

"There's a shortage of people that are ready for Superintendent positions at this level so our challenge is to find someone because the pool is very limited," says School Board Member Julia Norem.

Norem says the next few months will be stressful. There's the April referendum, which if it fails athletics and art classes like this one could be terminated. Plus a new high school is opening in the fall. But Norem says such struggles could be excellent selling points for the right candidate.

"Belvidere is a rapidly growing district and has a lot of challenges so people who are looking from moving to Assistant Superintendent to Superintendent will find it a very desirable place to move to because there's a lot of challenge," she says.

An ever-growing student body puts Belvidere and the North Boone School District on common ground. That coupled with similar demographics makes the two great allies.

"As the only two school districts in Boone County, we've had to grapple with the same issues he will definitely be missed as a friends and colleague," says North Boone Superintendent Michael Houselog.

Houselog is under contract until 2009. He says he's very happy working in the North Boone School District and has no plans to leave anytime soon.

Superintendent Don Schlomann will be the next Superintendent in the St. Charles school district. Right now he's making 162-thousand dollars. His St. Charles predecessor makes 210-thousand dollars.