Janesville Murder Traced to Rockford

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Investigators are now saying they believe 27-year old Travel Hester was killed inside a house on Searles Ave., on the western edge of Rockford, then transported to and dumped in Janesville. No word yet on who the murderer is.
Rockford police and Winnebago County detectives spent much of Wednesday afternoon and early evening investigating a house in the 2900 hundred block of Searles Avenue.
Our local law enforcement are assisting Janesville police... "Concerning a homicide, a body that was discovered in their city yesterday morning and we're assisting them in that investigation and this residence here is part of that investigation. That's really all I'm at liberty to say at this point," Stephen Pirages of the Winnebago County Sheriff's Police said Wednesday afternoon.
A construction worker found the body of a Rockford man, 27-year old Travel Hester Tuesday morning in Janesville's Riverside Park. The body showed signs of severe trauma to the head.
Neighbors say 16 or 17-year old Maggie Cox rents the Searle Ave. house and lives there with her two-year old son. Cox's uncle says police took her in for questioning today. The uncle adds trouble started at the house when Cox got involved with a man her uncle has "a bad feeling about."
Neighbors say the investigation is a disturbing interruption to their usually quiet street.
"Well yeah it makes me uncomfortable but it's one of those things that happens, it happens every day. Everybody knows it, it happens every day. It was just one of those things, when you get renters in you just don't know," says neighbor Edward Schnurr.
Maggie Cox's uncle says she's had some trouble with the law in the past. He describes her as a good kid who often gets mixed up with the wrong crowd.
Police and sheriff's detectives will not release any information about Cox or her boyfriend, neighbors say his name is Randy Williams. But again investigators now believe the murder took place in the house Cox rents.