Parole Protest at the Dixon Correctional Facility

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To the Illinois Prisoner Review Board, he's inmate number C-0-2-0-7-0. But to the family and friends of slain Officer Michael Mayborne, Theodore Bacino is the man who forever changed their lives.

"He took a big part of me and my sister's and my mom's and rest of our family's life away," says Jennifer Sutkay, the daughter of Michael Mayborne.

So now Mayborne's family is protesting Bacino's possible release from the Dixon Correctional Facility in just a few weeks. One-by-one loved ones plea with Prisoner Review Board Member Robert Dunne to enforce Bacino's sentence of 75 to 100 years.

"Hopefully they'll really hear us this time that we protest his parole this cop killer shouldn't be out of prison," Sutkay says.

Bacino killed Mayborne in 1974 after robbing a bank and taking others hostage. After serving four years in prison, sentencing laws became more relaxed. This means someone jailed before 1978 would serve a longer sentence than one put in prison today. That's why Bacino has been up for parole for more than two-decades. But now being 71-years-old, some Prisoner Review Board Members say this may be the year he's released.

"inmates that are older when released will probably have a very small likelihood a very tiny percentage of an opportunity to go back to prison," says Jorge Montes, Chairman of the Prisoner Review Board.

Other board members say inmate attitude, the severity of the crime and the effect it has on living family members help the board decide.

"Emotional protest by people that have been very dramatically affected by crimes committed by these inmates has an effect on any board member that heard that," says Board Member Robert Dunne.

From here it's to Bacino's 25th hearing in front of the Prisoner Review Board on May 7th. But until then, petitions continue to be collected, protesting the release of Theodore Bacino.

If you want to sign a petition protesting Bacino's parole, head to And click on the link for Theodore Bacino. If Bacino doesn't get out this year, he's expected to be released in 2016.

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