Hononegah Referendum

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The final mad dash to get our vote is underway. Politicians are pushing their issues while school districts are pushing to get tax hikes in their districts.

Pat Priwe is making buttons at a business expo in Rockton hoping to encourage voters in the Hononegah School district to vote yes to a 55-cent tax rate increase. There is strong opposition to the referendum from voters who are still bitter from this year’s three-week teacher strike.

Ott is hopeful that tax payers will look beyond that, but that teachers strike looms large in the minds of many people. In a random poll we took of 30 people Saturday 16 residents say they will vote against the referendum, compared to just 9 for it. Five are still undecided. Some residents say that they hope to send a strong message to the district that the taxpayers don't have an open wallet.

Salary concessions made Friday by Superintendent Ralph Marshall did sway some voters to change their minds, but that gesture others believe hasn't gone far enough to help offset an anticipated $4.4 million deficit.

But without further concessions, the only way to make up the difference the district says is to pass this referendum. If not, the level of education that kids receive could be changed and that scares some parents.