Toddler Hit by SUV

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A toddler is in critical condition Tuesday night after getting hit by an SUV. The child's mother watched the nightmare unfold.
Two-year old Demetrius Goldsmith was running across the street from his mother to his grandmother when the car hit him just before 3:00 in the afternoon.
His mother says the boy's head hit the bumper then the SUV ran over his body.
Demetrius was unconscious and having trouble breathing when an ambulance rushed him to Rockford Memorial Hospital. He suffered a ruptured spleen, broken rib, bruising around his heart and a collapsed lung.
His mother says she's relieved he didn't suffer any head injuries. But her initial reaction was terror.
"His eyes just rolling in the back of his head and he was choking up on blood and stuff and he was just hurt," says his mother.
Demetrius' mother says she plans to press charges against the man who hit her son. Though she says she blames herself as well for letting him run into the street.
The two-year-old could stay at Rockford Memorial for up to four days. Doctors do expect him to make a full recovery.