Capron Controversy

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Some residents in the small town of Capron are battling the village board. At the center of the debate is water.

Lorna Pervis' sum pump constantly runs to keep back floodwaters that threaten to overflow her basement. The problem began she says when the village’s water pump broke down. Pervis’ frustration isn't the only one as other residents in the Shadowbrook Subdivision in Capron have experienced similar flooding problems. Their homes were built nearly 10 years ago on what some say was marshland. A water pump was installed to keep the water back, and it did they say, until it recently broke down.

The new pump would only cost the village approximately $700. So why won't the village board replace it? Some board members question if that is the responsibility, but the Capron Village President, John Ustrich, says the village owns the pump and it is the village who must maintain it and replace it.

Many in this subdivision believe this is small town politics at its worst. They say there is a small faction of the village board that is fighting the village President and they are caught in the middle. In the meantime, the flooding will continue until the village pump is replaced. The only question is who will pay for it.

Capron’s village board will meet Monday night at the Village Hall at 7 p.m.