New Rockford Logo

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For many people, it's images like these that often leave a lasting impression of Rockford. Run-down buildings, a large homeless community and beat up roads. But now there's a ray of hope, the Forrest City will soon only be known for being an excellent place to work, live and travel. And now local leaders are relaying this message through a new logo.

"It says hey this represents real middle America real folks real items hardworking all the things we exemplify in our region," says Winnebago County Board Chairman Scott Christiansen.

The logo reads "Real, Original, Rockford." With the blue and green stripes representing water and nature. It will be used on city cars, stationary and websites. Surrounding villages will be tied to the logo as well, making the Rockford area a place to remember.

"It creates some clarity to how we want people to think about this area and that clarity will translate into economic development," says RACVB President and CEO David Preece.

The Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau spent 75-thousand dollars to come up with the logo. Preece says all of the money came from hotel room taxes. Which is paid by visitors, so new programs can be invested into the area.

There's also a new and easier way to check the websites for surrounding villages. Just head to And that has links to job opportunities, social activities and government websites in our area.