Local Soldiers Reunite in Iraq

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With two children fighting in Iraq, Brenda Bruegger starts her days at the computer, checking for any communication from her son or daughter.

But the e-mail she received on her birthday a few days ago nearly knocked her off her seat. It was a picture of Kari and Daniel together in Iraq.

"I couldn't believe it. It was the most fabulous thing in the world when I saw the two of them together," says their father, Tim Bruegger.

"With all the military people over in Iraq the chance of them getting together is next to nothing" said Brenda.

Daniel knew where Kari was stationed, so any time he was near the town he would ask if anyone knew her. Finally, he found someone who did. As Kari was sleeping, Daniel walked right into her tent and said, “Kari, wake up.”

"She said it was the most magical moment. The next morning they had breakfast for an hour and they said how wonderful it was to have breakfast together on mom's birthday," says Brenda.

This is only the second time they have seen each other in two years, so what touches mom most is not necessarily that they thought of her, but knowing how much that reunion meant to them.

"Kari said it was so hard to watch him drive away. Everyday now I can look at it and see that miracles really do happen," says Brenda.