Second Green Wal-Mart in the Country

Wal-Mart's slogan is “Always low prices”, but in Rockton it could be “Always low energy.” The Supercenter is one of only two in the country that is built to use 20 percent less energy than all other Supercenters.

One of the most noticeable energy saving features at the new Supercenter is motion detecting lights. When no one is close the lights are off and the freezer is saving energy, but when you approach they turn on.

Alicia Lawrence the store manager says there is a lot more going on that you may not notice.

“When there is enough natural light the lights will all shut off so throughout the day you will watch the lights go on and off as the natural light comes in through the skylights.”

The heating and cooling of the Supercenter is done efficiently as well. Pipes with hot and cold water run throughout the store and into roof top units. Heat from the refrigeration system runs through pipes and into the roof top unites.

At most stores that heat would escape into the atmosphere and would otherwise be wasted. Add in low flow, motion detecting faucets, environmentally friendly surfaces on the floor and a hand full of other energy conserving devices, and the Supercenter in Rockton saves a lot more than a few pennies out of your pocket book.