Bush Hits Trade, Terrorism Themes

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As he stumps in the New York suburbs, President Bush is warning that restricting trade is "lousy" economic policy.

Visiting an auto parts plant on Long Island, the president also touted U.S. fortitude after the 9/11 attacks, another of his re-election themes. Bush is also attending a groundbreaking for a 9/11 memorial at a Long Island park, as well as a re-election

That's got critics charging he's exploiting the tragedy for political gain. Bush's focus at the parts plant was how raising taxes and tariffs would harm U.S. businesses and cost jobs.

Bush didn't mention John Kerry by name. But the presumptive Democratic nominee
has said he'll scrap tax cuts for the richest Americans and review a number of free trade deals.

The 9/11 memorial will feature two towers rising 30 feet over a reflecting pool. The ground-breaking follows a furor over Bush's inclusion of images from the attacks in his TV ads.