Rockford Students Rally for Map Grants

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About a dozen students from Rockford College are traveling to Springfield tomorrow hoping to save these Map Grants.

23News caught up with some of the students and some staff taking the trip Wednesday afternoon.

They tell us that more than 300 students at Rockford College could lose some $700,000 in Map Grant funding all together for the next semester. As a result, they may have drop some classes or drop out entirely.
The college says this could affect both regular and adult students.

Jennifer Swanson is a Rockford College junior. She actually doesn't receive Map Grants. But she still wants to go to Springfield because she has classmates who could affected.

"There's a girl in one my classes actually going on my trip tomorrow. Most of her tuition is paid for by the Map Grants and she just sees it like they're ripping away her future," Swanson said.

It's not just Rockford College locally concerned about this potential funding cut.

Highland Community College in Freeport says around 330 students could be affected too. On average those Highland students get $630 per semester from Map Grant funding.

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