Nichols Attorneys Say 13 Documents Weren't Given to the Defense

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Some Timothy McVeigh documents that are causing headaches at the FBI could pose a challenge for Oklahoma prosecutors trying Terry Nichols.

Lawyers for the Oklahoma City bombing co-conspirator say federal and state prosecutors never shared documents that were revealed in a series of recent Associated Press stories. The lawyers say the records concern possible connections between McVeigh and a gang of white supremacist bank robbers.

The judge in Nichols' trial says he'll dismiss the state murder charges if the lawyers show officials withheld records that could help the defense. Under a Supreme Court ruling, federal and state officials must turn over all materials that could help clear a defendant.

The defense lawyers have identified 13 FBI documents and a handful of other materials that they say were never shared, but the Oklahoma prosecutor says everything the federal government sent the state has been passed on to the defense.