Battling For Business

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23 News has learned that there are two major business development deals in the works. While most details are not being released, we have confirmed that Rockford, DeKalb, and Janesville are all competing for this plant.

Monday night, 23 News learned that it's the same company with two different branches that Rockford, DeKalb and Janesville are fighting for. A fortune 50 business has visited DeKalb, Janesville and Rockford several times. Sources say that it's an automotive components plant or a logistics facility that is looking to locate a 1.3 million square foot facility. All three cities have made an offer and it's looking like tax breaks will be the determining factor. Rockford and Janesville both have a special incentive involving a tax increment financing district. Monday night, the DeKalb voted on adopting a property tax incentive plan. It's one of the final hurdles for DeKalb to put them on a similar level as Rockford and Janesville. But Rockford Mayor Doug Scott says DeKalb is voting on issues that Rockford already has in place.

Once again, this confidential prospect has the potential of bringing 400 to 600 jobs. We could know by early March if this company will locate in DeKalb, Janesville or Rockford. All have the potential of benefiting the Stateline area.