$64 Million More Spent on Energy Bills

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STATELINE (WIFR) -- The hot, hot weather this summer hit many Illinois residents in the wallet, but experts say ways we actually could have avoided getting burned by our electricity bills.

The Citizens Utility Board (CUB) estimates Com-Ed customers spent an extra $64 million on energy costs between May and August. CUB says that total could have been a lot less if customers had made a few simple changes, including drying clothes outside or washing larger loads of dishes. Com-Ed also offers an online tool called “CUB Energy Saver” where you can track your energy use.

"It’s a way for Illinois customers to sign up for free, link their Com-Ed accounts and then go through and create their own energy savings plans. We also add points to the website so for every kilowatt-hour you say, you earn to points to use for coupons,” said Laura Goldberg with the Citizens Utility Board.

Customers who sign up with this online program before Halloween have a chance to get one of their bills from this summer paid off by Com-ed. To sign up visit CUBenergysaver.com.

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