Cyber Alert: Employers Searching MySpace

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Many recent college graduates finished at the top of their class and have impeccable resumes. But they still can't get a job. On the surface, this seems shocking and unexplainable. Why wouldn't a qualified candidate get the job? Well, it's as simple as the click of the mouse...

Many job applicants are also MySpace or Facebook users. These social networking sites could do them more harm than good. These are pictures from recent college grads Facebook websites. They're the same people who are currently looking for jobs.

They may think only their According to a recent survey, about half of U.S. employers use the Internet to find out more information about applicants.

To test it out, I did a Google search for my own name. This track meet from 1999 popped up. That proves there's no telling what you'll find on the Internet.

Some important information to make sure we don't get turned away from a job: Get rid of any MySpace, Facebook and Xanga accounts Don't post pictures on photo sites like Webshots and refrain from posting any controversial blogs.

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