Derrick Shareef Tied to Navy Terrorist

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A shocking twist to the life of alleged terrorist Derrick Shareef. Shareef planned to blow up the CherryVale mall last Christmas acting as a lone soldier. But now it appears an old roommate is making similar headlines.

31-year-old Hassan Abujihaad also known as Paul Hall was arrested Wednesday in Pheonix. He's charged with passing military secrets to terrorists while serving the military aboard the USS Benfold back in 2000 and 2001. Investigators say Abujihaad emailed classified information to terrorist organization Azzam Publications on several occasions that was to be used to kill U.S. citizens.

Police made the connection between Shareef and Abujihaad through an informant working with the FBI. Shareef introduced the informant to Abujihaad and told him they had lived together in Phoenix back in 2004. The informant then became acquainted with Abujihaad, which the two negotiated the purchase of two assault rifles for 13-hundred dollars. Turns out this transaction occurred on December 8th, the same day Shareef was arrested at CherryVale Mall.