Harlem School District Adopts Cuts

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Monday night the Harlem School board was faced with a decision to cut. $2.2 million is what the board cut Monday night. In that includes closing Hoffman Middle School, reducing graduation requirements and saying good-bye to staff.

The Harlem School District is included in the 80 percent of Illinois School District's who are deficit spending. Right now Harlem has a $5 million deficit. The cuts Monday night are just the start of eliminating costs in the district.

It was almost a unanimous vote, but board member Gloria Kelly was opposed. Kelly worries about what the impact of increasing driver education, band and choir fees.

The board adopted, not accepted the $2.2 million in cuts. That's due to the fact that the unions will now have a chance to bargain the impact of the teachers and support staff that were eliminated.

Once that's done then the cuts will be accepted.