Rebuilding Decisions

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It's been a true test of what a community can do. Since last Thursday's fire, the small town of Mount Morris has taken on a new challenge to make sure education continues.

This Wednesday Rahn Elementary students will be in temporary classrooms. This is the first of three steps to rebuild what was lost. Rahn Elementary school was constructed within the village of Mount Morris in the fall of 1969, and that is exactly where many want to see this school in the future.

The stands were filled with community members wondering what will happen now. Monday night, the village board took a pro-active step and made a resolution that Rahn Elementary would be rebuilt in Mount Morris. In the past there has been concern about the elementary school moving to Oregon, but this resolution and a petition drive is what the village hopes will keep Mount Morris growing.

Ultimately the school board will have the final decision. Interim Superintendent Dr. Kent Johansen says getting kids back in a classroom this Wednesday is the first step to rebuilding. The next is to find accommodations for next year, then hopefully the following year have a new elementary school.