Coyotes At O'Hare

CHICAGO (AP) -- Snow. Sleet. Heavy rains. Now officials in Chicago can add "coyotes" to the list of problems that have held up flights at O'Hare International Airport.

Airport officials say coyotes caused pilots to abort two landings at O'Hare last month.

A pilot spotted the critters on a runway on February 25th. When he reported the animals to air-traffic control, a controller held up the landings of two planes.

Officials from the U-S Department of Agriculture manage wildlife at O'Hare. They went out looking for the coyotes the pilot reported but didn't find them.

Tony Molinaro of the Federal Aviation Administration says the planes were allowed to land after a delay of about ten minutes.

The F-A-A says planes have hit coyotes at Illinois airports 26 times since 1990.

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