Fire Victims Preparing for Class

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As schools in the area are off Monday in honor of President’s Day, teachers at Rahn Elementary School got chance to see where they will be teaching now. Classes will be held at three different Oregon schools for some 350 students who lost their school to a fire on Thursday.

It's moving day at Jefferson Elementary School in Oregon. Desks and chairs from classrooms are being moved out so smaller ones can be moved in, to accommodate five kindergarten and preschool classes.

"These desks are old and in not very good shape but they'll be good enough for us to use until we can get some new ones, "said Mike Lawton, Jefferson Principal.

Parents and student volunteers help Barb Battaglini cut out art supplies and set up lockers in what will now be the new home for her pre k students.

"People are really helping out. We'll be ready, "said Barb Battaglini, Pre K Teacher at Rahn.

With most of the teaching aids and textbooks being destroyed in Thursday's fire, teachers and students from Jefferson are copying lesson plans and assignments from their classes so that teachers from Rahn will have something to teach when school resumes for them on Wednesday.

"We're copying a math book until their books arrive hopefully in a couple of weeks, said Kathy Bouska, Jefferson 2nd Grade Teacher.

And as donations continue to pour in, school officials from Mount Morris believe they will have enough school supplies on hand to get classes going on Wednesday.

Wednesday does expect to be a learning experience fro both teachers and students as they make the transition from their old school to their new one, but teachers believe the biggest obstacle may be convincing students that they will be ok in their new surroundings.