Wisconsin Primary Election

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Voters in Beloit are just hours away from Wisconsin's earliest primary election in decades and a chance to decide which democrat will take on President Bush, but you'd never know it looking around town.

Storefronts are void of candidate signs or get out to vote placards.

"Yeah you're right there isn't much around here," said Beloit voter Richard Hulburt.

While most Beloit residents we talked with planned to stop by the polls, there isn't a good deal of excitement.

"The primary quite frankly, I don't think about them as much as the big election in November," said Hulburt.

Other stateline voters say they haven't found a candidate who speak to them or addresses their concerns.

"They don't say enough about what their program is going to be. They just bash the republican," said Gloria Hereford of Beloit.

Some say the lack of primary enthusiasm in Beloit could be connected to the lack of attention candidates paid to the area.

"I'm kind of surprised. This being the stateline area you would have thought there would have been more attention focused here," said Randy Letheby.

They may have been overlooked on the campaign trail but voters in Beloit plan to make a statement at the polls on Tuesday.