RFD Passenger Record

- from a Chicago Rockford Int. Airport News Release -

Rockford, IL – The Chicago Rockford International Airport (RFD) reported today it has been listed as a Top 150 Available Seat Mile Domestic U.S. Airport for the year 2008 based on Department of Transportation data collected by international consulting firm Oliver Wyman. Data collected was for outbound operations, both domestic and international. Airports were ranked by Available Seat Miles (ASM’s). The study appeared in a recent copy of Aviation Daily magazine.

“With the recent enhancements to passenger development that RFD has made and continues to make, I hope to see us move up in the rankings of studies similar to this one in the future,” said Executive Director Bob O’Brien. “Even though the economy has been hard on the aviation industry as a whole the past year, RFD has been able to see gradual improvements in our passenger numbers to give us some hope that the end of this aviation recession is coming soon,” he continued.

Why does RFD rank so high? "It really is simple, we fly non-stop to our high demand destinations and we do it on large commercial aircraft," said Zach Sundquist, Air Service Analyst for RFD. An available seat mile (ASM) is one seat flown one mile. "When you fly on a regional jet on a short route to a major hub and connect, that’s not very many ASM's for your hometown airport, even though passenger traffic may be higher. This really speaks to the value we have here at RFD. We are able to fly non-stop to our destinations bypassing the hubs which maximizes our available ASM’s," Sundquist concluded.


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