Navy F/A-18A Hornet for Sale

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It goes from zero to 30 in 60 seconds. That's zero to 30,000 feet, and if you have a million dollars and a zest for mechanical assembly, a Blue Angels fighter jet can be yours. One's for sale on e-Bay. Some assembly required.

The aircraft can also come assembled, painted and certified ready-to-fly, but that'll cost another eight million dollars.

It's still a bargain. The FA18 in 1997 cost the military $28 million. The one for sale came out of service in 1994. The broker who's offering the jet for sale insists that the seller came into possession of it legally.

The Navy says it's rare for a surplus jet to be sold to a third party, and there are policies against reselling them, or shipping them out of the country.

Bidding ends Thursday.