What a Congregation Means

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Churchgoers file into the Sycamore High School auditorium that is now being used for Sunday service. This new location had to be found since a devastating fire totally destroyed Saint John's Lutheran Church last Monday.

More than 800 parishioners attended this emotional service to give thanks that no one died in this fire. Rising up in the backdrop of this service stands an iron cross that last Sunday stood on top of Saint John’s Lutheran Church. This time, it stands charred and dirty but a symbol for this congregation that this church will rise up again.

Church officials say that Saint John’s Lutheran church was insured for nearly $4 million, a dollar amount that probably won't replace everything that was lost, but this service they hope is the first step to healing the prayers of a congregation they hope lives on.

Fire investigators believe it will still be a few days before they will be able to determine what started this fire. In the meantime, church services will be held at Sycamore High School through Easter. After that, church officials hope to break ground on a new church on top of the ashes of the old.

Saint Johns has set up a fund to help replace what insurance won't. Donations are being accepted at:

St. John’s Donations
327 South Main Street
Sycamore, Illinois 60178