School Report Cards

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In report cards released Tuesday, many stateline school districts show huge leaps forward in standardized testing.
It's parent-teacher conference night at Rockford's Haskell Elementary school and for many parents it's a happier night than it was last year.
"His performance in math and reading have climbed," says Haskell Elementary parent Phillip Trammel Sr.
Students all across the stateline are improving. That's according to 2006 Illinois Standards Achievement Test, or ISAT, results that came out Tuesday for elementary and middle schoolers. In Rockford, the number of students meeting state standards jumped to 65 percent, 10 points better than in 2005.
"The cracking down on truancy, the curriculum that's been put in place, resources are being allocated in a different way than they were in the past and it all becomes part of it," says Frank Schepley, Assessment Specialst for the Rockford School District.
That's what's going on district-wide. But each school is also waging it's own battle to improve achievement. At Haskell Elementary, reading scores are up 13 percentage points, math 30 points -- the biggest leap of any elementary school in the city. Haskell Principal Ann Rundall says teachers go the extra mile to help their students.
"Right after school every day the teachers tutor for 45 minutes," she says.
Right now teachers are getting ready for the next round of ISATs students will take next week. They say it's all about positive reinforcement, practice and a little healthy competition with other schools.
"Saying well look, these guys are really kicking our butts this week, can we beat them next week and next week's the championship, we really gotta perform next week and they kind of get into that," says Haskell 5th grade teacher Rick Durso.
North Boone, Rockton, Prairie Hill, Winnebago, Byron and Harlem schools all saw big increases in their scores as well. The ISAT scores released Tuesday came out more than four months late.