Jobs Come... Jobs Go

One hundred twenty manufacturers in one Stateline community learned they could soon be out of a job, while another community is looking to bolster its workforce.

The village of Roscoe said yes to continue talks with a developer. The goal is to bring 150 new jobs to the village. An unnamed manufacturer is eying a plot of land near where Rockton Rd and Interstate 90 cross.

The company would like to build on the 17 acre plot of land where it would make fasteners. The Capitol Improvements Committee agreed to discuss the possibility of waiving fees, but was hesitant when the issue of long-term tax breaks came up.

"It definitely would be a tremendous asset having 150 more jobs but it definitely becomes a question of are we willing to bare with it for out five years or more,” said Ward Sterett, Roscoe Village president.

Roscoe isn't the only place this manufacturer is looking; they are also considering Loves Park, Huntley Elgin and Belvidere. Belvidere has more job market news that isn't as positive.

We were the first media outlet to tell you today that Collins & Aikman in Belvidere is shutting down. The company supplies the Chrysler plant with bumpers and employs about 120 people locally.

Collins & Aikman sent letters to all its employees today saying they will be without jobs by May 5. Another company could come in and absorb the bumper supplying business, which would possibly create as many jobs as this layoff takes away.

Once the fastener manufacturer decides where it will build, Roscoe, Belvidere or anywhere else, it will take less than a year for the facility to be operational.