White House Sifting Bush's Medical Records

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The White House is sifting through President Bush's National Guard personnel file, as aides debate whether to make more items public.

Officials say the file includes an inch-tall stack of medical records. Wednesday night, the White House released a copy of a dental exam from an Alabama air base, saying it makes clear Bush served his time there and wasn't "AWOL", as some Democrats charge.

The dentist tells AP he doesn't remember treating Bush though he recognizes his signature on the form. Meantime, former Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Joe Allbaugh is denying he conspired to destroy other items from the files. A retired colonel alleges he saw items in a trashcan after overhearing Allbaugh, who was then a top aide to Bush when he was governor of Texas, warning a fellow officer about records that might "embarrass the governor."

Interviewed on Associated Press Radio, Allbaugh called the allegation "hogwash."