Edwards' Visit

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A presidential candidate makes a campaign stop in the stateline Wednesday. North Carolina Sen. John Edwards visited a labor temple in Janesville just days before a critical Wisconsin primary.

"You're proving here this morning in Wisconsin that we're going to have an election not a coronation," said Sen. John Edwards, (D) NC and candidate for president.

Before a backdrop of stateline voters, Sen. John Edwards made it clear he isn't letting up. The North Carolina democrat trails John Kerry by more than 300 delegate votes, but he's canvassing Wisconsin with a message of hope and change.

"I will stand up and fight for you and fight for your jobs," said Edwards.

Edwards spoke of using tax breaks to keep jobs in America and placing UN troops in Iraq. His comments on the economy and health care earned him points with some undecided voters.

"I like how he really addresses the person he's talking with. He's forward and humorous," said Illinois voter Aaron Elinoff.

Others are still doing research, looking for that perfect candidate.

"It sounds good when you're here, but has he been consistent over the years as he's been a senator?" asked Janesville resident Kay Deupree.

Strong Edwards supporters say the southerner walks the talk, and despite only one primary victory, they're not ready to desert him yet.

"He's got a real challenging road ahead of him. But you've still got about two-thirds of the delegates yet to select. These thing can change quick," said Edward's supporter Jim Wexler.

There may be plenty of delegates and state primaries out there, but Sen. Edwards isn't taking any chances in Wisconsin. He'll campaign in the state everyday leading up to Tuesday's primary.

Wisconsin's primary is normally in April, but legislators voted to move it to an earlier date to give it greater importance in the candidate selection process. Nevada and Washington, DC hold their primaries this Saturday.