Pointing to Pakistani Case, Bush Calls for Crackdown on Nuclear Trade

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Pointing to the recent breakup of a Pakistan-based smuggling ring, President Bush is calling for a global crackdown on the trade in nuclear technology.

In particular, he wants to bar some countries from buying or building the equipment to enrich nuclear fuel. He says too often, nuclear power programs have served as a cover for a secret bomb program.

In a speech at the National Defense University, Bush declared, "Terrorists and terror states are in a race for weapons of mass murder, a race they must lose."

Bush held up the example of Pakistani scientist A.Q. Khan, the father of his country's nuclear program. He recently admitted heading a group that, according to Bush, supplied North Korea, Libya and Iran with plans and equipment.

Bush is proposing to bar such nations from the UN agency that monitors nuclear programs. He also wants tougher sanctions for nuclear violators.