Superintendent Search

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Two Rockford School Board members return from a trip to Nashville, Tennessee. They went to get an up close and personal look at the district's top superintendent candidate.

The Rockford School Board isn't taking any chances in its search for a new superintendent. That's why board member Alice Saudargas traveled to Nashville, Tennessee earlier this week.

"One needed to go and get the flavor of what was happening in the Nashville school system and how people respected and viewed him," says Saudargas.

Saudargas and board member Mike Williams spent a day visiting three schools that Dr. Thompson oversees, talking with administrators, teachers and students about the district's lead candidate.

"He was working with them and there was no such thing as an adversarial relationship with him. That he listened to them," said Saudargas.

Saudargas says the trip confirmed her initial impression of Thompson as a straight arrow and a team player.

"I really like what I say," said Saudargas.

The district has not yet offered a contract to Dr. Thompson but he's planning another visit to Rockford. Board members plan to discuss a contract offer at a closed-door meeting on March 9.

Thompson is the K-12 curriculum director for the Nashville school system.