Can the City Step In?

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For five months, Anchor Harvey workers have been involved in a labor dispute.

Seventy-five locked out Anchor Harvey workers are frustrated. October 2 this labor dispute started. And still, no pay checks and little answers. Seven-year Anchor Harvey worker Rob Hendrickson is asking the City of Freeport to step in and mediate, but Mayor Jim Gitz says the city doesn't have that authority.

The issue is between labor and management, but one side both workers and the mayor do agree on is that dollars are being spent elsewhere. Locked out workers say scabs aren't spending money in Freeport.

Anchor Harvey workers also accused Mayor Gitz of being at Anchor Harvey days before the labor dispute started. It was then workers say management talked to the mayor about the company's possible expansion.

Also talked about, Anchor Harvey’s need to provide security for the upcoming strike. Mayor Gitz did not agree with these accusations.