South Beloit Police Department

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In 2001 law enforcement veteran Larry Schultz took over the beleaguered South Beloit Police Department. It was a time of turmoil as citizens charged the force with incompetence and leaders were calling for the county sheriff to take over.

"We didn't know what we'd find in any drawer we might look into in," said Chief Schultz.

The department came under fire after failing to solve high profile cases, misplacing important files and even DNA evidence.

"Everything was up there. It was in complete disarray," said officer Amanda Parker.

Now, under the leadership of Chief Schultz, the department has done an about face.

"People have told me before that they didn't call the police before because they felt nothing was done. Now we're actually making arrests and doing follow ups. We trained to do it and get experience every day," said officer Brandon Wells.

Bringing in a new crop of qualified officers was a first priority. Keeping them around with training programs and better salaries was another issue.

"We were very concerned and very selective of the officers we hire," said Schultz.

After bringing in a new force of officers the city purchased a new fleet of vehicles and state of the art equipment.

Aside from restoring public trust the department is also doing a better job of tackling crime. Criminal arrests are up four percent and so are traffic citations, especially for offenses like dui.

Chief Schultz said the changes would never have come with out the support of the mayor and City Council.