Opportunity Rover Sends Snapshot of Discarded Equipment

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NASA's Opportunity rover has caught a glimpse of the parachute it discarded just before hitting the surface of Mars last month.

The rover has peeked over the rim of the crater where it landed and snapped a photo of the parachute and clamshell-like device that shielded it during its entry into the Martian atmosphere.

NASA's released the photo, which shows the two objects on a mostly barren surface. Along with other photos taken from orbit, it helps confirm exactly where Opportunity landed.

Scientists have compared the landing to a hole-in-one by a golfer who can't see the hole. Cushioned by air bags, the rover bounced right into a small crater.

Opportunity and its twin rover Spirit are exploring opposite sides of the Red Planet on an $820 million mission to look for evidence water may have once existed and supported life on Mars.