Blood Bank Tries Advertising

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The nation's blood supply crisis is nothing new, but the Northern Illinois Blood Bank (NIBB) is taking a fresh approach to attract more donors.

For the first time ever, the NIBB is paying for an all out advertising campaign. The group has joined forces with 75 other blood banks, for a nearly $300,000.

NIBB officials hope advertisements like these, will help fill empty chairs at their facility, at time when blood supplies have dipped to crisis levels.

“It's something that should have been done ten years ago,” says Jennifer Bowman, of NIBB.

The new TV, radio and newspaper ads have been running for a week, and they're already making an impact.

"I think they're great anything they can do to bring donors in,” comments donor Janice Losure.

"Our donors do respond to ads. We're not trying to commercialize it but these are very strong powerful messages,” adds Bowman.

The NIBB is a non-profit organization. The ad campaign is being funded through its general fund, money that's made from blood sales to hospitals.