Back to the Chaos

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As the situation in Haiti continues to deteriorate, foreign nationalists are fleeing the country. 23 News caught up with Patrick Moynihan, a Rockford man we told you had a difficult time getting his family out, but now he says he wants to go back.

Patrick Moynihan is a missionary who has been living and working in Haiti for eight years. He is part of a group that runs a Catholic school for gifted Haitian children, but since the violence began in Haiti, Moynihan was forced to close the school and leave the country. He just returned to Rockford on Thursday.

Moynihan has been in Haiti with his family trying to balance the level of education in a country that is mostly illiterate. It is that mission that has Moynihan risking his life to go back. Since leaving his school behind and coming back to the states, his staff at the school has been victimized and attacked Moynihan wants to go back now alone to try and protect them even though he sees the violence escalating.

Moynihan had plans to return to Haiti on Monday, but American Airlines has suspended travel to the country. So for now, Moynihan will have to leave one family behind until the political unrests subsides.