Left Cold

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But that's exactly the case which faces the Ogle County Sheriff's Department; the November 2002 murder of Dennis Philip.

Forty-two-year-old Dennis Philip was a hard working guy. He kept to himself, but he did have a close circle of friends at his job at professional graphics. After a hard day working second shift, Philip would often relax at Lenny's Tap on 11th Street. But on Thursday, Nov. 2, 2002, Dennis Philip left work. But he never came back.

Apparently Philip had come directly home that night, without stopping for a drink, because Lenny's Tap was closed. As for a suspect, police are at a loss. But there might be a hint of a motive. Ogle County Sheriff’s Department investigators say, “It appears that he could be argumentative and that might have sparked something. It might have been he brought someone home and had an argument.”

See if you can help out. If you know anything about the murder of Dennis Philip, contact the Ogle County Sheriff's department or contact the Ogle/Lee County Crimestoppers toll free at 888-228-4488.