Super Bowl Reactions

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For just the second time ever, we had to wait until February to watch the biggest sporting event of the year.

Bars all over the Stateline were packed Sunday night as fans watched this game at their favorite watering hole. For people who couldn't make it to the Super Bowl, Shooters bar in Rockford tried to create as much of a game atmosphere as they could. Outside Shooters set up a party complete with three big screen TV's all in a heated tent. Fans could also sit in the stands to watch this Super Bowl.

This big top came complete with the usual beer and brats. But what was different was how some fans spent the night. Jamie Calderone didn't like how the game was going so he tried to control the outcome of the game himself.

Jamie says, “I'm not really interested in the game so I'm seeing how the Patriots would do on Madden.”

But even in this make believe football world the New England Patriots were just too much for the Carolina Panthers, but as close of game as this Super Bowl ended up being, the Half Time show that is sure to be the topic by the water cooler Monday. It was the commercials that ultimately kept the attention of most of these fans. Fans say commercials are what the Super Bowl is all about.

So even though this game may have lacked the fanfare as prior games, it still came down to be one of the best games in Super Bowl history.