Good News for the Rockford School District

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Rockford School District Administrators receive some positive news to take into the new school year.

The Illinois State Board of Education announced that five Rockford public schools have been removed from the state's academic watch list. But the question that remains, it just how many schools are still on the list.

Of the nine Rockford schools that have been on the academic watch list for the past two years, five have now been taken off but four remain. Those four fall under the No Child Left Behind Legislation. The district must now offer students in those schools a mandatory school choice option.

Those schools are Swan Hillman, Jackson, Washington and Kishwaukee Elementary.

There still are 14 schools that are on the academic watch list. They are not included in the recent nine because they've been on the list for less than two years and the results of last years ISAT scores haven't been received yet.

But, Superintendent Doctor Alan Brown is optimistic about more school making their way off the list.

School board president mike Williams says it's a matter of weeks before the district gets the sat test results in from the 14 remaining schools on the watch list.