Extremely Unhealthy Food

Some appetizers at restaurants contain more calories than you need in an entire day.

It’s no surprise that a value meal at McDonald’s or a greasy pizza isn't good for you, but you may not realize even a caffeine pickup and quick bite can hold 1,100 calories.

Right now restaurants don’t have to reveal how many calories are in their food, but if
they did some feel customers would see the fatty items, and choose to go elsewhere.

Margo Utan is the Director of Nutrition Policy and said, “Restaurants are likely to reconsider the high calorie counts of more items if they have to disclose what’s already in these products.”

But until then it’s up to us to stray from the fattest of the fatty foods. A salad before hand isn’t just a healthy pick; it will also help you stay away from oversized portions. When eating out people tend to be much unhealthier than those eating at home, but when it comes down to it, your choices matter more than your location.

Penny Bolen, a local clinical dietitian, said, “It’s not that you can’t eat out, it’s just you need to be you have to realize if it has chicken or it if it’s breaded or fried or has a lot of cheese on it, it doesn't make it is good for you.”