Congress Discusses Indecency on TV and Radio

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He wasn't there in person, but the words of rock star Bono have taken center stage at a congressional hearing. Several lawmakers are pointing to an expletive the singer uttered during last year's Golden Globe Awards ceremony to show that more needs to be done to crack down on broadcasters who allow foul language and sexual material on radio and TV.

At a hearing Wednesday, the head of the Federal Communications Commission's enforcement bureau said the agency takes indecency enforcement very seriously. As an example, David Solomon mentioned a proposed fine against the country's largest radio chain for airing a sexually explicit radio show. It would be the biggest such fine ever.

Brent Bozell, president of the watchdog group Parents Television Council, says more can be done. He says fines should be increased, and broadcast conglomerates should be threatened with losing stations if they continually violate indecency laws.