Bad Gas

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Melting snow is the culprit of contaminating 8-thousand gallons of gasoline and damaging about a dozen cars. Mike Rotello filled up his tank at the road ranger off Alpine and Riverside and now he says he's out at least a thousand dollars.

"Before I can pick up my car I need to have money for the damages money for the tow truck car rental fees and i don't have it," Rotello says.

Rotello took his car to Lou Bachrodt Automall where mechanics told him three-quarters of his tank was water. So now Rotello is just waiting to find out if there's any permanent damage.

"I've had it 3 1/2 months I took everything from my saving to buy that car thinking my worries of having dependable transportation were over and now I'm in this predicament," he says.

Road Ranger VP Tim Emert says tank lids weren't installed properly when the fuel was refilled on Tuesday. So that's how a pile of snow seeped into the gas tank making Road Ranger fully responsible.

"We have business insurance for that we'll turn in the claim and we'll manage the insurance company for him so he doesn't have to deal with him," Emert says.

Emert says he'll pay for any rental cars for the time being and make sure every affected customer gets reimbursed.

If you filled up your tank at the Road Ranger off Alpine and Riverside on Tuesday between one and three there's a good chance you are affected. You can call Road Ranger if you think there's a problem with your car.