5th Annual Vets Roll Returns to Beloit

BELOIT (WIFR) -- Hundreds of American military veterans are on their way back to Beloit from the nation's capital where a convoy of veterans are being celebrated in the 5th Annual Vets Roll.

These vets have had a busy week to say the least but Wednesday night they return home to a hero's welcome at the Eclipse Center in Beoit.

Hundreds of family members, friends and members of the community have been lining up the streets of Beloit waiting eagerly to cheer at the top of their lungs for the roughly 200 World War II and Korean War Veterans and "Rosies" those are the woman who worked in factories during the war.

This is the fifth year this event has been held and it's all possible because of donations and volunteers. The veterans and Rosies left for Washington, DC on Sunday for a four day trip giving these vets had a chance to visit the many World War II memorials in DC but after a long trip there and back the Pogorelski family is happy to see their loved ones return home.

Randi Pogorelski, Niece of Veteran, says,
"It's something that I've never seen in my lifetime and to see all the support for these people is just amazing. I'm excited. This is my fourth year doing this and I just love it."

Bev Pogorelski, Daughter of Veteran, says, "They deserve it. They deserve it 100 times over. I know that they will appreciate it and feel that we've done something special for him and for all of them."

There were ten buses of Vets and Rosies making the round trip this year. They were celebrated along the trail in different cities and escorted by police and emergency vehicles most of the way back.

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