A Wild But Prosperous Ride

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Some Rockford City leaders have long been opposed to the use of All Terrain Vehicles otherwise known as ATV’s. That is until some recent progress was made. A developer approached Rockford City leaders with a plan they believe makes sense. Now, the concept could become reality.

Malachi Messenger is talking about this ATV track located in Oregon. Owner Justine Messenger and her husband bought the 24-acre ground last spring, and they've been swamped with business ever since. Justine says, “We’ve had people from 3 to 75 years old come out and ride.”

Out-of-towners from as far as Texas have come to try out the trails at Ki Tracks. Justine says those who come to the park usually dine in local restaurants. They also stay overnight or for the weekend. So local hotels benefit from the out-of-town guests.

So, what's the downside to a place like this in the community? For Ki Tracks, the only downside is that these ATV riders want more land. But as of right now an expansion is not in the works.

Land shortage will not be a problem in Rockford if the proposed park is put in a 120-acre lot on the city's south side. The Rockford City Council should be making the final vote on the park in two to three weeks.