A Mental Mission

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Every day soldier's are still being called up to active duty. This past Friday, the 826th Ordinance Company in Rockford got their orders.

Now the mental preparation starts, a mission not only for the soldier's but their families.

While members of the 826th Ordinance Company are supporting operations overseas, the mission back at home is to keep families informed. This is a first for our area. While the unit is gone, Army Mental Health specialists have orders to help local families mentally cope. It's called the Family Readiness Group.

From finances to moral, the Family Readiness Group is the information link to loved ones serving our country. Sgt. First Class Heidie McClintock has been in the army for 19 years. This support before deployment is a welcomed comfort. Sgt. McClintock says, “There is so much physical preparation.” Her family is clinging tightly as they know their time is limited.

No dates or exact locations have been set for the 826th Ordinance Company. There has been a Family Readiness Group for family members of the 333rd Military Police unit out of Freeport. But that group was organized by local families and not an assigned unit.