North Main Street

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It takes great patience to sit at the North Main and Auburn Street intersection. There's a lot of congestion and that's why city leaders are thinking about putting in a round-a-bout.

The round-a-bout would help improve traffic flow, which researchers say is even safer than any other traffic plans. Now some businesses would be demolished in the southwest corner. But both Table 13 and Salon 13-hundred will stay put. Now this area here just went through the construction on Auburn street, which business leaders say they did just fine. And now some are even looking forward to more construction on a round-a-bout.

"I think the round-a-bout will be a great idea it will open traffic flow I think it will help cause people will drive over here and see there are businesses that are great and opportunities for them to get things done," says Jennifer Bunjes, owner of Salon 1300.

The city is also talking about widening North Main because right now parts of it are incredibly narrow. And of course fix up some of the rough patches from Riverside to south of Auburn Street.

The city will have to work with the Illinois Department of Transportation since North Main is a state-owned road. A proposal will be presented to city council in mid-March, where they could possibly take a vote. The round-a-bout most likely won't be put in for a few years.